Bezwaar- en klachtbehandeling Lex IntegraLex Integra is highly experienced in governmental complaints-procedures in the Netherlands, in particular in the context of the so-called general administrative law. We are available as legal advisor in various complaints-procedures, with specific expertise in handling so-called objections under governmental Labour law and in the context of the application of the Public Information Act.

In addition we are experienced in handling complaints under Dutch Law in the context of unethical behaviour in the working place, from the perspective of the plaintiff but also in an advisory capacity for governmental agencies.

All complaints procedures will be handled in strict compliance with Dutch legal regulations. Complaints-procedures against governmental agencies will be handled in accordance with the Guidelines of the Netherlands’ National Ombudsman.

Lex Integra can also provide advice on how to incorporate adequate complaints-procedures in a governemental organization. We are also available to chair complaints- and other advisory committees.

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